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Full Service Laundry & Laundromat...

✅ Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivered to Your Doorstep

✅ Laundry & Dry Cleaning Drop-off at Our Store

✅ Commercial Laundry Delivery Service

✅ Self-Service Laundromat

Laundry and Dry Cleaning done by professionals in our commercial machines, the way you want it. Best Value.           Best Quality. Best Practices. Best Service.

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How it works

Pickup & Delivery ~ order online made easy

Drop-off Laundry & Dry Cleaning ~ no appointment needed

Commercial Laundry ~ call to schedule a strategy meeting

Self-Service Laundromat ~ no appointment needed

Schedule Your Pickup

Choose when and where you would like us to pick-up and deliver your laundry from our website or app.  Or, schedule a standing weekly or bimonthly delivery service.

Get Your Order Picked Up

We collect your bag, invoice and clean your items in our commercial washers & dryers according to your specifications.

Delivery to Your Doorstop

We deliver your items cleaned next day! Our company van will deliver within 24 hours to your residence or business.

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Download Our App

Clean clothes are one tap away. Download our app and order laundry and dry cleaning when needed!  Or, schedule a standing weekly or bimonthly delivery service!

Services | Pricing

Value Friendly Pricing & Perfectly Cleaned Clothes 

Laundry Service

Washed | Dry | Fold

FROM $1.95

Comforters | Bedding

Laundered or Dry Cleaned

FROM $18.50

Shirts | Dry Cleaning

Laundered & Pressed

FROM $3.45

Commercial Laundry

Processed to Specifications

FROM $1.95


Self-Wash & Dry

FROM $4.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use The Laundry Craft for my Laundry Needs?
What is your turnaround time?
What's included?
What type of detergent and dryer sheets do you use?
Do you charge for special specifications and what are my options and the charge?
How does your team know how to process my laundry to meet my preferences?
Do you provide laundry bags?
Is there a laundry per pound minimum requirment?
How much is 10 pounds of laundry (one load)?
When and where should we leave our laundry bags for pick-up & delivery?
How are payments processed?
Do you offer discounts?

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